Mary Margaret Moore



"We are vast, eternal Awareness Itself.
Since we ARE it, it easily follows
that we can Know It.
How? Just NOTICE! Are you Aware?
Let's not make this difficult,
when it is so SIMPLE!"

    - Mary Margaret Moore -




On May 8, 2022, Mother's Day,
Mary Margaret Moore peacefully passed away.
She was surrounded by her 4 children holding her hands
and sending her off with trememdous love and gratitude.


"Whatever is present is God. Whatever is, is God.
God is present now, in this moment, as this moment,
in everything that you see, hear, think or touch.
Know this (and you can), and be Free."

- Bartholomew -



"Among the many books 'channeled' through a human source, the best ones have what can be described as a simple yet profound wisdom in which the collaboration between persona and wisdom reveals a deep unity. This is such a book"

- New Frontier Magazine -


Watch an 8 part interview with Mary Margaret:
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Part 4. Mind is fun but it doesn't deliver!
Part 5. Turn within and never be without!
Part 6. Awareness seeks itself!
Part 7. Then what? "Go where I am."
Part 8. The journey back to now.


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